Before joining any Mortgage Network we believe you should gain feedback from existing Appointed Representatives on how they have found the services, support and working relationship of their Principal.

Below are a few words over the past years and months, care of a leading independent mortgage broker support website, from our current Appointed Representatives. We would encourage you to talk to any of our Appointed Representatives and would be happy to forward contact details.

22 Dec 2016
I have been had to deal with 3 networks, MSN is by far and away the best. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

13 Sep 2016
I joined MSN from one of the biggest national networks, MAB, and have also worked for most of the big networks over the years, MSN are like a breath of fresh air in comparison. They are there to support my business and are always helpful and professional when I do need support and the software is also top drawer and user friendly. I would strongly advise any other broker to consider changing to MSN. It would be the best decision you have made. Personally I plan to enjoy a long and mutually beneficial relationship with MSN for many years to come!

12 Sep 2016
To add, this network has very friendly and helpful staff which I greatly appreciate.

12 Sep 2016
I have been with Mortgage Support Network for over 3 years & found them very good.

12 Sep 2016
Having been in the industry over 30 years and gone through every change imaginable MSN are the best Network to be involved with having had a torrid time with Sesame previously. MSN was like joining a family once again, compliance so open and helpful payments prompt and they will help you whenever you ask .Its nearly 3 years since I joined and I would recommend MSN to any advisers sitting on the fence on who to join you wont be dissapointed.

9 Sep 2016
First class company with a great compliance department. always feel listened too and responsive to any issues raised. Been with MSN four years now – I should have joined years ago.

9 Sep 2016
So glad I joined MSN, genuinely feel part of a family rather than just another number/statistic. I would happily recommend them.

9 Sep 2016
Been with Network for 7 months but feel as though I have always been with them. All the staff are most helpful, supportive, friendly and the best working model! This is a First class Network. Thank you all for your support.

9 Sep 2016
Always very friendly and helpful to deal with. A good working model.

9 Sep 2016
Used a couple of other newtorks in the past but been with these 7 years now and they are oustanding. Always pay on time, great support, not overly agressive with compliance and really approachable. I feel part of a family.

9 Sep 2016
Still first class.

9 Sep 2016
Been with MSN for many years and have had no issues. Very dedicated staff who show an interest in supporting us during these difficult times.

5 Nov 2015
Been with MSN twelve years and never had any issue.

21 Oct 2015
Great network, friendly people always willing to help and support you with issues. A network that really wants to help you do well. Thanks MSN!

4 Dec 2014
MSN were very good to me (True Gunner).

4 Dec 2014
Im with mortgage support network (MSN). Really happy with them, theyre a small outfit. There are around 6-7 office staff plus head of compliance and the sales director. You can speak to any of them usually at the drop of a hat and I can have a laugh with them… I dont think many people can say that about their compliance people. The sales director knows me and my business – as a small one man band who has only been trading 13 months you would think I would be the last person he remembered. Their compliance is different to my last networks. Previously it was scored, this time they look over it and feedback anything not up to scratch. (TH84)

18 Nov 2014
Still happy with Mortgage Support Network here, after thirteen years (used them for de-reg life before October 2004). Nice people, good support. Not cheapest, but solvent and pay on time. (KingStreet)

22 Sep 2010
They have been very supportive and patient with me for a very long time. This has helped me through very difficult personal health related problems. I think most other networks would have dumped me. Eternally grateful.

4 Mar 2010
I love you guys.

23 Feb 2010
Top class company witha realistic approach within compliance (not the usual sales prevention department).

3 Feb 2009
The team at MSN are second to none. All the help needed is on offer to give the best support possible in getting your business up and running. Everyone there is very helpful and friendly and any problems just pick up the phone.

19 Jan 2009
I joined MSN over 3 years ago and couldnt be happier. They are very supportive, friendly and a pleasure to work with. Keep up the good work!

8 Jan 2009
I have joined the network recently and no regrets. Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They understand that they can only be successful if their members are successful!!!

15 Dec 2008
Friendly, good support and help. Nice people.

11 Dec 2008
Joined 18 months ago and support has been excellent – particularly during these troubled times. Approachable and knowledgable team. Not the cheapest, but worth it.

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